Sunday, January 6, 2013

A (late) greeting for new year

Actually, I wanted to make this post just before new year. Just to greet all my fellow crafter a very happy new year. 2012 has been an exciting year for me as I gathered so many friends who has the same interest in card making world. We really make a good friendship that we support each other, give inspiration, and learning together. We do hope that card making can be enjoyed more widely or at least sending greeting card can be a new trend in the coming years.

OK. I won't write any longer. It's time to share my card(s). I made these long time ago (third week of December, I guess). It cost me the whole weekend to make them, but I did enjoy every second of it. I just can't stand seeing those cute magnolia images from the newest collection. I didn't do many tricks, just coloring with distress ink, sometimes embossing, added some glimmer mist, and paper piecing.

Here they are:
You know what? My mother helped my with the stitching here, since I can't use sewing machine. I know, I have to learn one day.

 I just own glimmer mist from Tattered Angel. I really like the result, and now getting addicted :)

This time, I practiced my own stitching.

Here are the complete set together:

Also I made tags:

That's all. I hope you like it. Once again: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!, may all the blessing be with you and your family. Sorry, It's a bit late.


  1. This is a gorgeous set. Very pretty colouring.

  2. all are very beautiful, especially the tags...really so sweet.